LiFi uses light to send and receive data

LiFi uses light to send and receive data
A company at CES, Oledcomm, displayed its LiFi method of transmitting data via light. A plain Android handset was modified by replacing the front-facing camera with a light sensor, and pulsating streams of light were used for the transmission of information. To the naked eye, these appear as a steady stream of light. Besides outfitting a smartphone in this manner, a tablet also had its front-facing snapper replaced. Both devices require a special LiFi dongle, which is plugged into the earphone jack.

After installing a special app on the phone and tablet, holding either device near lamplight set off a number of events, including the displaying of certain pictures, the playing of a video or the booting up of specific games. Oledcomm believes that its LiFi technology can be also used for location based advertising, similar to what Apple is doing with the iBeacon in its retail stores.

First things first, Oledcomm needs to convince smartphone manufacturers to include its light sensors on their brand new smartphones rolling out of the factory. You can see the technology on a concept phone, and the dongle necessary, by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: Engadget

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