Lenovo's next Android device is a tablet with a twist

Lenovo's next Android device is a tablet with a twist
Chinese giant Lenovo has been quite frequently in the news with its upcoming gaming phone, the Lenovo Legion, which has been confirmed to pack Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G. But we're not here to tell you any more about that since it's not Lenovo's only project at the moment.

Although not many of its products are available in the US, Lenovo is known for its cheap Android smartphones and tablets. Hopefully, the device that we'll be talking about now is not going to have the same fate.

The Yoga X is an unannounced Lenovo tablet powered by Android that doubles as a monitor. We don't have a picture of the device yet, but Evan Blass published an image that looks rather unconventional for a basic Android tablet.

More details about the Yoga X come via XDA Developers, which reports that developer Till Kottman (@deletescape) found documents that not only confirm the existence of the device but also reveal more information.

Thanks to these documents we've been able to learn that Yoga X can be used as a secondary screen for other devices like smartphones and tablets. One of the slides details how the Yoga X can be connected to another device via a micro-HDMI cable to be used as a secondary display.

Everything is locked behind a password the moment the secondary display mode is enabled on the tablet, but when it's disabled, the Yoga X can be used as an ordinary Android slate. There are a bunch of other nifty features that users benefit from when the multi-purpose device is in secondary display mode, including the option to switch audio output from the tablet to the other device and vice-versa.

It's too early to talk about the release yet, but it's nice to know that Lenovo is trying to find new ways to appeal to audiences. Hopefully, we'll have more news about the Yoga X soon, so stay tuned for more on the matter.
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