Here's the memo John Legere sent to T-Mobile employees today informing them about the Sprint merger


Even though it was fairly obvious that T-Mobile would be the surviving entity in any merger with Sprint, you can be sure that some of the carrier's employees had been nervous ever since the rumor mill yelled loudly that a transaction was just days away. For those of you who spent the entire afternoon watching LeBron and missed the news, T-Mobile is merging with Sprint in an all-stock deal valued at $26.5 billion. And this evening, a letter written by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, informing T-Mobile employees about the merger, has leaked.

The biggest concerns (which were shared by both T-Mobile employees, customers and Wall Street alike) were addressed in the letter; "We’ll still be called T-Mobile, we’ll still be magenta, I’ll still be your leader, and we’ll continue to be customer obsessed!," Legere wrote. That had to soothe the jangled nerves of some who were concerned that Legere would take his chips and go home. After all, not every CEO could have turned T-Mobile from an afterthought into the most innovative and fastest growing carrier in the U.S. And Legere wrote that T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert will keep that position with the New T-Mobile.

Some of the letter seems addressed to the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., and regulators like the FCC and DOJ. A video made by both Legere and Sprint CEO Marcel Claure also seems to speak to anyone in the Trump administration who can quash the transaction, from the president down. There is talk of job creation, economic stimulus, and why America needs to be the leader on 5G like it was on 4G. Because of its importance to this story, you can find the video repeated at the top of this story. As for Legere's letter, you can find it directly below.

source: TMONews
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