Leap Motion invents high-performance sensor for mobile VR headsets

Leap Motion invents high-performance sensor for mobile VR headsets

Makers of motion-sensing controllers Leap Motion announced the Leap Motion Mobile Platform. The company has developed a combination of software and hardware made for cordless, battery-powered virtual and augmented reality devices. Although the invention doesn't target smartphones specifically, it's designed to run on the same type of application processors used for smartphones and tablets.

Leap Motion says that building a tracking platform for the mobile space has been immensely challenging, as the company had to design an entirely new sensor that combines high performance at lower power. "We needed to make the most sophisticated hand tracking software in the world run at nearly 10 times the speed all while making it smoother and more accurate than ever before." - explained LM co-founder and CTO David Holz. The next-generation system supports the "absolute maximum" field of view that a single sensor supposedly offers on a VR headset, which is 180 x 180 degrees.

Leap Motion has built a reference system for the sensor on top of the Samsung Gear VR and is shipping it to VR headset makers around the world. It will be demonstrating the system at major VR events in the near future. LM believes its invention will lead to mobile and ubiquitious wearable displays that will be "easy and casual to use."

source: Leap Motion via Android Community

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