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Leaked information about BIS 3.0 point to Gmail syncing

This article contains unofficial information.
Leaked information about BIS 3.0 point to Gmail syncing
Just when you thought that RIM’s near perfect emailing solution can’t get any better – but it does! BlackBerry users can expect a bevy of features that’ll make the upcoming BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 a standout showcase based on a leaked document. The biggest thing to fall through is the accuracy in getting Gmail to sync the read and unread status of your mail – which is a long time coming. Another inclusion is the support for Windows Media Audio attachments as well as OpenOffice documents. Their email setup application is going to be more secure with validation/revalidation requirements upon PIN changes and that accurate error messages will direct users to their specific carrier. Seeing that they’ve ironed out some kinks and added some new features, it’s a refreshing step towards the evolution of BIS. Basically the only thing left to topple is laying out the foundations of a versatile new web browser that the platform sorely needs.

via Gizmodo & CrackBerry


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