Leaked iPhone 7s dimensions show a larger, thicker chassis because... glass


So far, we've had countless of leaks, rumors, dummies and case maker renders trying to guesstimate and depict the upcoming iPhone 8 with a new for Apple OLED display that will supposedly occupy most of the handset's front. That's not all there will be to this year's iPhone crop announcement next month, though. In fact, Apple should be unveiling three handsets - one unorthodox iPhone 8 to hint at where the phone maker is going, and two more legacy-oriented iPhone 7s and 7s Plus upgrades that are meant to satisfy those used to the current hardware paradigm.

It is understandable that all the leaks and rumors so far have been focused on the shiny new iPhone 8 concept, but some news are slowly starting to trickle down about the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, too. Today's portion is based on case maker sketches obtained by a German Apple-centric blog, which reveal that the iPhone 7s will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 7, mostly because the new edition should have a glass, instead of aluminum, chassis. The case maker that provided these schematics claims they have sources at Foxconn, the iPhone's assembler, so these might turn out credible in the end.

We've heard the rumor about the glass chassis on all new iPhones, aimed to facilitate wireless charging, and now there is a tangential evidence that might indeed be the casing. As you can see from the schematics above, the 7s could be slightly larger in all dimensions than the 7, though probably not to the extent that the current cases won't fit at all with a bit of stretching. In any case, pun not intended, we've no doubts that these eventual new dimensions will spark a veritable flood of "iPhone 7s" wrappers from all major case makers anyway.

source: GigaApple via 9to5Mac

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