Leaked Surface Phone alleged image shows a conservative look and touch-type cover


Any hopeful Microsoft phone fans around? Sorry guys, Lumia phones are deader than they've ever been, and for the time being, it looks like we'll have to get used to living in a Lumia-less world. But Team Redmong is still keeping a sliver of light inside the proverbial tunnel, in the form of the enigmatic Surface phone. Such an entity has been in discussion for as long as the Surface line of devices has existed. It's been left imagined by plenty of designers, rumored by many a specs mongers, and completely unmentioned by the Microsoftians in charge.

After a long period of silence, the Surface Phone has returned to the rumor sphere. Yesterday, a detailed report described the heavyweight spec sheets of three alleged Surface Phone models, all powered by Qualcomm's yet-unreleased Snapdragon 830 chipset, featuring mammoth amounts of RAM and storage memory, and costing a pretty penny.

This possibility comes as expected for a device of the Surface-series, which has traditionally targeted professional Windows users with high demands for hardware power and integrity. Also, the device in question probably won't hit the market until next year, which gives those forward-looking specs more credibility.

Today, we follow up on that bit of news with what might be a legitimate render of the enigmatic Surface Phone. It comes from the source of a recent Lumia 850 photo leak, and way back, an alleged render of the Lumia 650 that turned out to be accurate. We have no means of establishing whether the photo originates from Microsoft or it's a fan-made design, but both possibilities ring true.

The smartphone is pictured inside a keyboard case reminiscent of the notably slim, long discontinued Surface Touch Cover and has an USB Type-C port on the bottom, a headphone jack on top, and a familiar-looking camera module with a dual-LED flash.

While we doubt that this is precisely how the Surface Phone will end up looking, we can't imagine Microsoft steering too far away from this direction. Made with business professionals in mind, the device is bound to look conservative and be made of sturdy metal. But who knows, maybe Microsoft will come up with something else entirely! Amidst all the uncertainty, take this image with a grain of salt, and debate away.


source: Nokibar via Neowin

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