Latest update to the Google app beta hints at a new Google device


The Google app for Android's latest beta version, v7.0, was pushed out a few days ago, but Android Police's latest teardown of the app could have possibly revealed the code name of yet another upcoming Google device, following the recently-uncovered fishy names of the possible upcoming Pixel successors, which were found out in much the same way.

The newly-discovered code name is 'Bisto', and it doesn't seem to correspond to any existing device. It was found alongside different device categories, such as Android Auto, Android Wear, Phone, and Pixel, inside code for the Google Assistant, which infamously treats different devices in their own, separate ways. Other mentions of the name point in the direction of the device having a screen and supporting headphones, which, along with the fact that it's listed right next to the Pixel, opens up the possibility of it being an upcoming smartphone. Android Police speculates that this may also be an entirely new device category, or simply just an internal name for Android One devices running the Google Assistant.

Apart from that, the beta update also brought some actual new features for users to play around with. Firstly, there's the long-awaited option of disabling the addition of an icon to the Google launcher's home screen when installing a new app. There's also a toggle for enabling or disabling Google Assistant notifications, such as weather updates, and a fix for a bug where swiping cards away would crash the app.

As is usual, you shouldn't bother taking such speculations way too seriously – this is just a code name, so we don't have nearly enough information to draw any meaningful conclusions from. Still, it's fun imagining what Google has in store for its users, and we're pretty certain the Pixel 2 is a thing that is happening some time in the future, so Bisto might just turn out to be it.

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