Latest Windows Phone 7 promo video touts Wi-Fi syncing

Latest Windows Phone 7 promo video touts Wi-Fi syncing
Inching ever closer to the halfway part of the year, Microsoft has just released their latest promo video for Windows Phone 7 and goes into detail on some of the interesting features brought forth by the platform. In a slight moment during the video, it touts the platform's ability to synchronize to a desktop via Wi-Fi, but doesn't explicitly say what kind of material is synced – we'd imagine media content and Outlook info. Aside from that, it manages to encompass everything that's considered Microsoft from XBOX Live to Zune. Even though the animations and transition effects look pretty snazzy on the video, one would hope that it translates well into the final product on an actual running smartphone. The obvious feature that's heavily previewed is none other than the platform's ability to ingrate so well with social networking and Zune. For those who've used the Zune player for Windows, the presentation of Windows Phone 7 looks strikingly similar, but fresh at the same time compared to the competition. Now that it's being heard that the final build of Windows Phone 7 is almost complete, we'd imagine developers out there are itching to grab their hands on it to create innovative apps to make the platform appealing.

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1. The Zune Lune

Posts: 41; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Transitions are flawless on the Zune HD so I would expect the same on the phone. Really starting to look forward to this. I would love it if they set up a "port your Google stuff" function that ported your maps, contacts, etc...

2. ellistiu911

Posts: 30; Member since: Jul 18, 2009

yeah. . not to mention the great transition effects. .and icons are more thumb able,and the graphics are great. . it might be the best looking software up to date even it can beat the iPhone's or androids. . .but in terms of application, the WP7 needs more catching up to do

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