How to get noticed as a Windows Phone 7 developer

How to get noticed as a Windows Phone 7 developer
Brandon Watson, who recently started overseeing the developers' experience for the Windows Phone 7 team, has posted a nice article on his blog to help developers understand the team's priorities. He is the same guy who confirmed the other day that the SDK won't be officially supporting gyros and compass out of the door. First off, he claims most of the developers have requested a device from them, but they will be selectively shipping those to people with good ideas, and the means to prove it.

He follows up with several examples of developers who have attracted the WP7 team's attention and why. Some Jeff Weber, for instance, did a blog post specifically to share stuff on Silverlight and request a device, along with videos of the games he is bringing to Windows Phone 7. Getting blog posts or videos on YouTube to prove you have an interesting idea is one of the ways, according to Brandon.

He also wants developers to work on things expanding the capabilities of the platform, like the folks at Appamundi, who have developed a dedicated database for the platform. Lastly, Brandon advises that it would be of great help if developers like Adrian Tsai (who emailed him the way to port his game from the Xbox to Windows Phone 7), post walkthroughs, so that a community of shared knowledge can be built.

If you are interested in getting noticed as a Windows Phone 7 developer, head over to Brandon's blog Many Niches in the source link to read the popularity checklist.

source: ManyNiches via MobilityDigest


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