Latest OnePlus 8 Pro leaks leave little to the imagination, reveal surprising specs

Latest OnePlus 8 leaks reveal all the specs, some nice surprises
Leaks about the upcoming OnePlus 8 phones began even before the OnePlus 7T was officially released, but now there’s almost nothing left to be revealed. We’ve seen renders showing the new design with a hole-punch display and even a couple iterations of the back panel and its camera bump.

But now, we have probably the most detailed summary of the specs of not only the OnePlus 8 Pro, but the regular 8 and the 8 Lite as well. That is, of course, if we assume the information from the leak is true. Everything within it seems to be in line with what we’ve already heard about the devices so there’s a good chance these specs are the real thing.

The information comes from a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, where a screenshot of a spreadsheet containing the hardware specs of the three phones was posted.
Despite it being in Chinese, those of you familiar with smartphone specs will quickly get a handle of what’s what. There’s a ton of info so let’s just focus on some of the more interesting bits.

OnePlus 8 Lite, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro standout specs

Starting with the OnePlus 8, the 2020 addition to the OnePlus lineup, we see that it will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 SoC. That would be the first OnePlus powered by a MediaTek chip, but don’t make a grimace just yet.

The Dimensity 1000 is a very cable chip, having an identical CPU core configuration to the Snapdragon 865, albeit with slightly lower clock speeds. It also has an integrated 5G modem, which means even the cheapest OnePlus will have 5G capabilities.

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are where the more intriguing specs can be found. As previous leaks have stated, both devices will get 120Hz displays. However, the one on the 8 Pro will come with a 1440p resolution, while the 8 will remain at 1080p. 

To compensate for the higher display resolution, the 8 Pro will also get a larger, 4,500mAh battery, while the 8 Lite and regular 8 will have 4,000mAh ones. And to charge the bigger battery even faster, OnePlus 8 Pro will support 50W warp charging.

The cameras are what we’ve expected to see, but further down the specs sheet, we see more surprises. The OnePlus 8 Pro has an IP68 water resistance rating, something that previous OnePlus devices lacked compared to other flagships.

We know OnePlus loves RAM and in 2020 its users won’t be disappointed. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will come with 8GB of LPDDR5 on the base models and go up to 12GB for the top tier variants. DDR5 RAM means that you’ll be able to switch between recently used apps faster than ever and in combination with the UFS3.0 storage and the Snapdragon 865, these phones will undoubtedly offer amazing performance. We can’t wait to test them!

OnePlus 8 series prices

After hearing all the specs improvements OnePlus fans are probably starting to worry about what they could mean for the price of the devices. Note that the prices below, if correct, are converted from the Chinese market prices, so some adjustments (probably going up a bit) will be made to them when the phones get to the US.

Overall, it's good news. It seems like prices will mostly remain at the levels they currently are. And the OnePlus 8 Lite might prove to be an awesome pick at that price, considering it will have a high-end chip with 5G and a 90Hz display. 

OnePlus usually releases its first batch of phones in May, but there are rumors that the OnePlus 8 Lite might be out as soon as March next year. Either way, 2020 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for smartphones. 

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