Late stage socialism: China fully blocks WhatsApp

Tough times for devoted WhatsApp users in China - the popular messaging app has been just blocked locally, following several days of spotty functionality on a local scale. It's joining the fold of multiple other ultra-popular apps, services, and websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, most of Google's services, and many others. 

As usual, the reason for this act is none other than censorship and easier data monitoring.

This is an usual practice for the Chinese government - once a Western app or service becomes wildly popular, it usually, to get blocked in favor of a rivaling local alternative that is much more cooperative to collaborate with the authorities and openly disclose users' personal data with the government. Just recently, it became clear that Tencent's WeChat, one of the largest messaging services in China, will be openly complying to any requests giving authorities access to users' names, phone numbers, and even location, provided that they have opted in to input their credentials into the app.

Naturally, the blocking of WhatsApp led to multiple outcries of local users: “Losing contact with my clients, forced back to the age of telephone and email for work now,” a Chinese user complained on Weibo, one of the biggest social platforms around. “Even WhatsApp is blocked now? I’m going to be out of business soon,” another user chimed in.

Certain WhatsApp features have been blocked previously in China, like video and audio calls, but currently, the WhatsApp service is totally unavailable in the country. WhatsApp was the last major Facebook-owned product to be available in China, and its current block is certainly putting a stick in the wheel of Mark Zuckerberg's plans to expand the presence of Facebook-related products locally. 

source: NYTimes



1. raerae unregistered

St**** country.

2. samgsam

Posts: 152; Member since: Mar 24, 2017

China will be the next North Korea.


Posts: 234; Member since: Sep 24, 2015

It is north korea , just not as popular as north korea

4. DoggyDangerous

Posts: 1028; Member since: Aug 28, 2015

It is their country, let them make their own rules. Please stop poking your nose in other people's affairs. Please don't act like usa, who is meddling and messing everywhere in the world. When your government will do this then cry or shout.

5. buccob

Posts: 2981; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

You do know that are countries rules by dictatorship and totalitarianism that do not represent the vast majority of their population....? I live in one of those countries and it sucks being censored and forced to comply with rules made by the powerful few... So no, it is not right to just look away when this happens because it's "their country"...

12. NDKsis

Posts: 14; Member since: May 31, 2017

Can't agree more. I live in China where family abuses are thought not to be punished (and no they don't) because 「it's their own matter」. Can't imagine a world where everyone thinks like you DoggyDangerous as violence & dictatorship are nothing 「their own rules」.

6. gamehead unregistered

China sucks

7. Cyberchum

Posts: 1128; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

China's version of the internet must be dumb. Probably sucks to live in China (PRC, not ROC)

8. admin_user

Posts: 33; Member since: Sep 26, 2017

Totally wrong. China is a special form of turbo capitalism. It has not much to do with socialism. Einstein f.e. was socialist. Like many or nearly all great thinkers - Ayn Rand wasn´t one of them, she was a typical bigot liar. Globally we have late stage capitalism which crashes into new crisis all the time. Because it is the crisis. And also because of that we have today no real progress in smartphones with f.e. much better cameras that we have seen some years ago. Today most of this business is pure and simple marketing BS. You don´t have to understand all those things like you never heard of Marx or Bourdieu or Chomsky and so on. So write about the newest iPhone colours and not about politics and economy that you don´t understand. Thanks.

9. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

I believe the author means fascism more likely than socialism. Please, PA, for the love of all that is good and just... if you political commentary is going to be as equivalently astute as your product review process, then just stick to polls about using a case or not, and articles showcasing camera samples.

10. gravityron

Posts: 46; Member since: Aug 07, 2012

lol ... the war on socialism continues. Now, even Phone Arena is a weapon. smh

11. Jackdaw

Posts: 66; Member since: Mar 10, 2016

“Even WhatsApp is blocked now? I’m going to be out of business soon,” Lol, just migrate WeChat or something popular instead. He is crying like they banned every chatting apps. If this makes you out of business, you might just deserve it.

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