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Larry Page: “we should be building great things that don't exist” not focus on petty wars

Larry Page: “we should be building great things that don't exist” not focus on petty wars
Google’s chief executive Larry Page went on stage to a huge applause from the crowd to share and to speak about more than just current announcements and products. Google’s head came on stage to speak about the future.

About the importance of technology and science, about how we as a global society can get more kids, more people in love with mathematics and technology.

And there was something Page said we feel particularly passionate about. He wanted to bring the focus back to positivity, not on Google versus Apple, or Google versus Facebook, or Google versus Microsoft, or any of that. Instead of that hugely widespread negativity, the focus of the core mission of technology gets lost. We’ll just drop the quote right below, it gives a lot food for thought, as cliched as it sounds:

"Every story I read about Google is about us versus some other company, or something else, and I really don't find that interesting. We should be building things that don't exist," Google’s chief executive passionately said.

And that is why it seems that as fast as technology is advancing, it is not quite up to pace with our dreams. "Our industry, and Google, all of you, we're really only at one percent of what we can do... we're really moving slow," Page stressed.

Finally, that focus on positivity, on inventions, on revolutions rather than the petty iPhone vs Samsung, or Apple vs Android, is what really makes us optimistic about Google’s vector.

"I come to work and every day the list of things to be done is longer, and the opportunity to do those things is bigger. We're all here because we all share a deep sense of optimism," Page noted.

source: Google I/O
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