Land Rover S1 phone drives through the FCC

Land Rover S1 phone drives through the FCC
Back in December, we reported that phone manufacturer Sonim had reached an agreement with Land Rover to produce two rugged co-branded handsets which are titled the Land Rover S1 and the Land Rover S2 G4. The S1 has made it through the FCC, which probably was no challenge for a device that repels water, eats dust and dirt for breakfast, laughs at severe temperature changes and with a thick rubber casing, practically begs you to throw it out the window of a moving vehicle traveling 60 mph on the highway. So far, the appearance of the S1 looks to be on time as both devices are expected in stores at the middle of 2009 with a third handset a strong possibility later this year. No carrier or pricing has been mentioned. Owners of other handsets should be careful as the Land Rover S1 has the body of a cellphone that would kick sand on weaker models at the beach.

source: FCC via EngadgetMobile

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