LTE enabled version of Samsung Galaxy S III hits T-Mobile stores?

LTE enabled version of Samsung Galaxy S III hits T-Mobile stores?
Perhaps more than just a tad late, it looks as though T-Mobile stores are now receiving shipments of the LTE enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Not that it wasn't expected. The carrier had said from the get go that it would be offering this model once it started rolling out its LTE pipeline. Unfortunately though, the Samsung Galaxy S III wasn't equipped like the Samsung GALAXY Note II was. The latter required a mere firmware upgrade to awaken the sleeping LTE radio that had been installed on the device.

According to a leaked photograph of what appears to be a shipping label or a shipping bill, T-Mobile stores will soon receive the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III LTE. But don't let the fancy name confuse you, this is the same version of the phone that T-Mobile has been offering, with the inclusion of LTE connectivity.

We obviously would expect to see this model priced at a discount to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Depending on what price the pencil pushers at T-Mobile decide on, this could be a great value. After all, Samsung plans on updating the phone so that it will eventually offer many of the same features that are on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

source: TmoNews

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