LTE enabled mobile broadband devices from AT&T are expected to launch on 8/21, actual roll out of LTE network will follow later

LTE enabled mobile broadband devices from AT&T are expected to launch on 8/21, actual  roll out of LTE network will follow later
With rival Verizon Wireless well underway with their 4G LTE network, AT&T is gearing up to launch its new LTE enabled mobile broadband devices very soon – with their new network expected to follow shortly afterwards.

AT&T announced today that they’ll be bringing to market the Sierra Wireless manufactured USBConnect Momentum 4G and Elevate 4G starting on August 21st. However, their LTE network won’t be fully operational by then, but rather, it’s believed to become available sometime soon down the road – albeit, no concrete date is pinned down. Regardless, both devices will have the ability to rely on Category 14 HSPA+ in the meantime, which offers theoretical maximum download speeds of 21Mbps.

With the AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G, priced at $49.99 on-contract,  it’s your typical USB dongle that’ll provide your computer with wireless freedom. Conversely, the $69.99 on-contract AT&T Mobile Elevate 4G might appeal to a broader audience since it offers all the flexibility of any mobile hotspot device out there, but it packs a 1.77” LCD display that shows relevant information. Fortunately, both devices offer microSD card slots, built-in GPS, and support for Apple computers out of the box.

Furthermore, AT&T also announced that their existing USBConnect Adrenaline would be updated to support LTE connectivity on August 26th. Still, the availability to AT&T’s LTE network will be limited to 5 markets when it launches – these include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

source: AT&T via Phonescoop



1. JeffdaBeat unregistered

I just don't understand how AT&T can be a tech company and yet still be so behind their competitors. I know no one wants to jump the gun on any new technology, but AT&T said they were committed to LTE years ago. You'd think that with all the bad press the company gets, they'd back themselves up with more technology and innovation, but it seems like the only thing the company can come up with are new ways to charge folks. They should have used their size to make LTE the thing everyone wanted by building the best network for it. But Verizon is doing that instead. And then I hear it would cost them a few billion dollars to upgrade the network but instead they want to buy T-Mobile for tens of millions? And then we have this...a product AT&T knows people will buy because it says 4G, but won't have LTE on it until later... Yeah let me get in line for that...

2. jogutier

Posts: 324; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

What makes me laugh the most is when at&t drives their trucks around with a verizon truck following saying that verizon is behind in speed n tech, but yet these guys have been behind since 3G service. Calling their phones 3G before they even had it. Lmfao! At&t is comedy and anyone holding a phone of theirs is an idiot. My opinion. Sorry. ;(

3. omarc26

Posts: 360; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

I agree with the people above me saying how much at&t sucks and all. We are lucky we live in the states were we have Verizon. But people like my sister who lives in puerto rico is screwed because in Puerto rico there is NO Verizon wireless at all, they only have at&t,sprint and t-mobile and some other company called claro. My sister has had all she said they all suck that they all have crappy coverage tru out the island. .. she told me the one that kinda works better is at&t but its not perfect that still half of her calls are dropped even tho her atrix has full reception and she's standing outside so over there at&t is the same is here as in the states it sucks. So over there , there more screwed at least us we have a company that works good VERIZON..

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