LG reveals more of its 8-megapixel KC910

LG reveals more of its 8-megapixel KC910
Today LG published a new press release about the KC910, the touchscreen all-in-one phone successor of the Viewty. The text doesn’t reveal any new details, but there are three photos included, showing what the back of the phone and its interface look like. Although only the homescreen is shown, we can see that it is not exactly the same UI as in the Viewty. The idea of “widgets” from the KF700 has been redefined and now is very similar to that used in Samsung phones (F480 and OMNIA) – offering small applications that can be displayed simultaneously and moved around the display.

LG proudly claims that the KC910 will be the slimmest 8-megapixel phone when it is released on the market. As the Viewty, it has Schneider-Kreuznach certified optics, manual focus, ISO up to 1600 but adds features such as face tracking, smile shot, and blink detection. The camcorder can also capture VGA videos with 30fps and DivX codec or QVGA with options for slow and fast motion effects. Other features include 3G HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and aGPS for navigation, jogging application and geo-tagging of pictures.

source: LG



1. WirelessJedi

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 07, 2008

Hmm,CU920 update,perhaps? at&t could have a real live high end phone! and no,the iphone doesn't count.

13. b-dog unregistered

so will this phone go 2 verizon of at&t whick is stupid they got enough touch phone vzw need another good one to make it even

28. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

There is no such thing as enough touch phones

31. b-dog unregistered

well i am with verizon and i want a cool touch phone is there a problem with that jk

2. unregistered

this phone is going to verizon, im beta testing it right now . sorry charlie.

3. unregistered

Ummm.... I'd love that, but the article says it has 3g hsdpa... isn't that gsm? And Verizon is cdma?? I could be wrong, of course, but just thinking it will be at&t

8. Anonymous2 unregistered

This phone is being released in europe and GSM is pratically the only signal that is there. This guy might be talking about a CDMA version that might be release in the US. Verizon is only a US Canada Puerto Rico company. So it would probably go to one of those countries however it's roaming only for canada.

12. unregistered

if it does come to verizon they will probably tought it as "The Dare 2!" lol

20. unregistered

vzw will get 8 mpx phone soon... if 2012 seems soon enough

30. unregistered

#3 You are such a liar. How can you possibly be beta testing it on verizon?

33. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

You CAN'T be beta testing this! Verizon is CDMA, to my knowledge they have not created anything to be sold through them that's GSM. Their network doesnt support GSM as of yet. I am going with a European release for this phone. Possibly in a while they'll manufature the CDMA equalivalent but I doubt that for a while.

4. likeabite unregistered

#3 please be telling the truth...I NEED THIS PHONE!!! GO VZW!!!

5. unregistered

if on vzw. the UI might be the same as the Dare, since all their normal phones has the UI.

6. unregistered

not going to verzion evne though they have the contract with lg the phone will go onto the At&t network srry vzw fanboys

7. Big Moe unregistered

If you maximize the picture on the left, you'll know who the phone is going to. Sorry, but all those bars of service, there's no way it's going to AT&T! GO VZW! LMAO!!!!!

9. Anonymous2 unregistered

This phone is going to Europe/Asia. This is the Viewty 2!!!! It hasn't been release in the US the viewty. It's going to Europe. Not the US. We don't even have a 5 megapizel camera on the market right now! It's release in Europe maybe in 3 years we will see something like it in the US.

10. unregistered

lg is my hero.

11. b-dog unregistered

dude i need this phone 2 go 2 verizon and i hope it has a qwerty keyboard

14. unregistered

i wonder if the caledar's date is significant at all....and the clocks don't show the same time

15. unregistered

Probably not the clock is probably displaying an alarm feature and the date is next year doubt they'd wait that long to release it..

16. unregistered

Why does europe always get all the good phones, Atleast we have one good phone comming out THE STORM so in your face Europe!!

34. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

Yes all hail the storm. Lol We dont get the newest or coolest phones because of the fact that our red-headed step child of a country in a soon to be majority uses CDMA and therefore producing their fancy phones for us limits their potential for profit.

17. unregistered

it also have a front facing camera, verizon doesnt offer video calling

18. unregistered

thats not a front facing camera, its a light sensor that turns the screen off when you hold the phone to your ear. the dare has it

19. unregistered

try again

21. unregistered

it is a front facing camera. The viewty has one.

22. unregistered

OMG. WiFi is a catch up device. It is used by inferior data networks to allow you online. It shackles you to a coffee shop. If you were on a GREAT data network like VERIZON, you would realize that you dont need WiFi like you do on ATT. Instead, they take out WiFi and do useful things like add more memory and enhance features to a 3g network, not an EDGE network.

23. wjow2000 unregistered

well considering it has an 8mp camera my guess is thoes things on the front are a light sensor to adjust the screen and a proximity sensor to shut the screen off when it is near your face but Idk I am not LG

24. unregistered

You guys are blind. It has both a light sensor and a front camera. I am the smartest most vision-good person in the world.

25. unregistered

lol. you go anonymous @ Sep 05th 2008 10:28 am

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