LG announces Chocolate 2 - LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum

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LG announces Chocolate 2 - LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum

LG upgraded the chocolate's GPRS to EDGE and renamed it from KG800 to KE800 Chocolate Platinum – the second generation of the popular stylish phone. But the EDGE is not the only new feature – the phone has doubled the internal memory (256MB instead of 128) and has microSD slot for memory in addition. The old 1-megapixel camera is replaced with 2-megapixel one with auto-focus and macro mode, and FM radio is added in addition to the music player, with the phone now supporting stereo Bluetooth.

LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum

The main drawback of the phone will be its tri-band frequency support, which doesn't make it fully usable in the States, where its CDMA version is exclusively available from Verizon Wireless.

It's nice that LG has developed the design of the phone to a higher level, keeping its best sides. It now has much slimmer profile of 9.9mm (0.39”) instead of 15.2mm (0.6”) which is 35% slimmer.

Source: GSMArena



1. svetlana unregistered

I've had this phone for a month now and it's great!!! i'm totaly in love with it! i think that it's not on the market yet, but when it comes uot everywhere it's gonna be a BOOM :)

2. Shane unregistered

i dont know where ic an get thsi phone from cus i want it

3. svetlana unregistered

I bought it in usa on ebay. I'm sure u can find it there

4. kst unregistered

It's the worsest phone i ever had. I can write there a full review of all bugs this phone have but i don't have enough time for that.The main the problem is another:i'm already owning this phone more like month and was with turned on phone just about one day, all another time this phone was in repairing service (warranty service) and i was already in this service 4 or 5 times (i'm already lost the mind how many times i was there) and also i know that about half of them coming back because of many technical bugs this phone have. if anyone have any doubts about buy or not this phone, please write me directly to my email and i will send you the list of phone (not technical) bugs he's have. please, if you don't want to have any lost time playing with this company, do not buy any of LG products.regards

6. tac8998 unregistered

i couldnt understand a word you typed! why in the world would anyone listen to anything you said in your rant of mixed words?

5. unregistered

where can get it

7. unregistered

Does anyone know when this phone comes to USA and to verizon?

8. unregistered

This fone looks like the old one!!! :( i wish the chocolate had a flip keypad or something

9. unregistered

Where can i buy this phone???

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