LG ads make fun of slow Samsung models and small screened Apple handsets

LG ads make fun of slow Samsung models and small screened Apple handsets
For Korean manufacturer LG, Life's Good. The OEM's flagship LG G2 is powered by a quad-core 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 that LG claims is 20% faster than the silicon powering the Samsung Galaxy S4. And while this figure might not apply to all Samsung Galaxy S4 models, LG is poking fun at owners of the device by sending out banner ads to owners of the model that asks them if they are waiting too long for data to load on the phone. 

Apple iPhone owners are teased about the smaller screen on their handset. LG is sending out a banner ad to iPhone owners that in small type asks, "Hard to read this on your iPhone?" And other phones are not immune from the acid spewed forth by LG's marketing team. HTC is taken to task for the poor battery life usually found on its devices. "Tired of charging your HTC One?," reads the banner ad that LG is sending out to owners of that handset. The LG G2 has 30% longer battery life, according to the company.

The LG G2 is LG's strongest effort to date in its attempt to gain ground on fellow Korean OEM Samsung. The banner ad might resonate with some Galaxy S4 owners and should certainly hit home with HTC One users. But when it comes to the Apple iPhone, consider that LG expects to sell 10 million units of the LG G2. On its opening weekend alone, Apple sold 9 million Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c models meaning that LG would have to find millions of iPhone users not happy with the 4 inch glass on their handset in order to make some headway against the Cupertino based tech titan.

source: BusinessInsider

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