LG VX8500 is Verizon's Chocolate phone

LG VX8500 is Verizon's Chocolate phone

Back in May, we reported about the latest phone manufactured from LG to be part of the Verizon line of high-end phones – the VX8500. The only photo available at that time was of low quality and even we were not sure if it will be a slider or a clamshell. However, the latest information and images show that the VX8500 is a black glossy slider, part of the Chocolate line. On the upper part of the phone, it has a large navigation key, similar to the one used in the iPOD music players. Similar to the European Chocolate, the VX8500's keypad will be flat in surface for keeping it slim, and the black color of the housing will be combined with white and vivid red.

LG VX-8500 Chocolate Phone

There is no official date for launching the phone as neither Verizon nor LG have announced it, but some rumors say it will start shipping on Oct 7 this year, as this is the date that the phone on the images displays. 

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1. danielle unregistered

hey guys you should pick this chocolate in white okaii my b-day is not yet but i am gettin one a lot of people have them and they r in style so pick this phone!!!!

2. gina unregistered

OMG -- > everyone should get this phone!!

3. megan unregistered

i have the Cherry Chocolate one and it is the greatest.I love all the features and its so in and easy to use...Everyone should get one!

4. VERIZON SALES unregistered


5. unregistered


6. nicole unregistered

the black chocolate is totally awesome because its so small but it has everything on it plus if you are the type of person who has to match everything to what youre wearing it matches everything GET THE BLACK CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. LilMikey unregistered

Last Sept '06, I bought the Chocolate. Like everyone else, I LOVED MY NEW CHOCOLATE PHONE!!!" That was short lived. Within a week the display screen died. It was llieing on my nitestand when I heard it power-up. I grabbed it to see what heck was going on and that's when I noticed the screen was completely white & not a single thing on it. I called VZW and they replace it new. Actually 3 of them in 3 months. It would have been 4 but I had them just deactivate it instead. They would only replace it with another Chocolate. So I had them reactivate an old one I found that I upgraded from. A buddy of mine also had exchanged 3 ChocoFones because they wouldn't hold a charge.

8. Jessica unregistered

Verizon is not a good company because if it were any other company i bet it wouldn't have done that.My phone did that once and wouldn't come back on and they made us pay to replace it with the same ugly phone and it still doesn't work that good the outer screen won't show.So it's probably not the phone as much as it is the company trying to get all of the money out of you as they can...Verizon isn't the best network in my opinion Alltel is.

9. me unregistered

the same thing happened to me with the screen turning white i absolutely loved that phone until when people called me and then i couldn't here them unless i put it on speaker but i will call Verizon and make them send me a new phone.

10. andrew unregistered

ok listen up, verizon is just a carrier of the LG phones first of all. second of all verizon asks politely everytime if they would like the optional insurance and most people say know even when they should know they are hard on their phones. Also with the wont hold a charge thing. The razor and many new phones and ipods are having that problem because of defective powerstrips bough from the same company, i mean it doesnt take 400 companys to manufacture power ribbons and when a buttload get ruined at an inconvenient time it makes a bad name on the product

11. ... unregistered

dont get this phone. it is horible. i have it and now i cud only talk on the phone for about 20 min b4 it dies. accept for the battery life i love this phone. but the batary life is a major problem.

12. Tori unregistered

This phone s*** A**. i have it and i have had 3 of them because they just stop working. on the one that i have right now, none of the touch screen bottons work so you cant call anyone. i am going to be getting a new free one soon but i am not exactly thrilled... because the phone is terrible. i must admit, that it is cute, but it doesnt work as well as it looks.

13. cool person unregistered


14. Jackie unregistered

Ok so my parents just gave me a green chocolate and im listening to all of you guys and im getting freaked out. Like just because some of you say it sucks and some of you say that its the best phone in the world. so im a little confused. Please reply and help me out here. PS its not activated yet so thats why im asking you because i have no idea what to expect. thanks Jackie

15. lauren unregistered

heyy i just got the cherry (red) chocolate like 2 days agoo. and i loveee it. its superr cute. ohkay, so the keys are kinda hard to figure out, but u get used to it. but overall its a great phone. g ahead and activate it

16. Conway unregistered

I got my strawberry chocolate as an upgrade from my old phone. There are some things i love about it, but others i hate. I love the fact that it looks nice and also it's very easy to use. It has alot of cool features, ecspecially if you take advantage of the mp3 player. I love the high quality pictures and vidoes it takes. I hate that it calls random people, and sometimes deletes my contacts. The buttons on the front are so sensitive that when i'm talking on the phone my cheek will brush up against them and start erasing things. You just have to be very careful. Whatever you do, don't drop it and get a plastic shield for the screen.

17. shawna unregistered

This phone makes me long for the days of my very first cell phone. Is not durable, it is very sensitive to humidity/water damage. I have the newest version (third chocolate I have had in 4 months) and it just isn't designed well. Each time you press a key on the side or on the number pad you have to wait 5 seconds before putting it up to your face. If you don't wait your face will trigger annoying screens to pop up with an accompanying beep. Once this screen pops up you cannot press any keys, you have to repeatedly press the "back" button. As soon as my contract is up I am leaving this company. I had to go postal in the store (literally) to get a new chocolate. It turns out I needed a seminar on how to use it due to poor design. No one offered me the info. until I was picking up my third phone. Each time I went in I was met with smart alec confrontational sales people (manager and associates). I'd still have the original phone had they let me know about the design flaw and how to navigate it. KEEP yours dry!! if the sensor inside is pink it voids the warranty even if it is a design flaw.

18. unregistered

Hey I get a new phone in november and i realy want to get the chocolate but I am not sure if i want to get it cuz you guys all say that it is not a good phone.. should i get the phone or not???????? please reply..thank you!!!!!!!!

19. victorria unregistered

this phone is so stylin'. it is totally awsome in many ways.like the way you can listen to music or take pics and the many different colors it comes in i love this phone with my whole heart and you should too=p

20. NK unregistered

I've had my chocolate 3 months. I tried 2 batteries and am on my second phone. Sitting idle, no usage, the phone will not hold a charge for longer than 24-36 hours.

21. Mr. X unregistered

I have never hated an inanimate object as much as I despise this piece of crap phone! But I have no one to blame but myself. I had heard it was delicate, finicky, and that it was difficult to navigate quickly or intuitively, I also knew that since I use a Mac and not a PC I wouldn't even be able to listen to tunes on it, but as soon as I saw the metallic green version I didn't care - I knew I had to have it. It was SO cool looking! OMG, I was so stupid. Getting this phone is sort of like getting into a bad relationship. You heard she was a high maintenence bitch that was more trouble than she was worth, but she was just so HOT looking! Sure enough, a few months later and now you're stuck with her. She does nothing but act stupid and make your life miserable . Now you gotta stay with her and suffer or it's gonna co$t you!

22. Roxy unregistered

So shawna(post#17) you say these phones aren't durable? HA! guess what, I have had the same one since the chocolate first came out. It has been dropped in milk, wich took only two days to fully recover, and it has been stepped on, lost, dropped and yet only two corners are scratched up. I don't know what is going on with your phone, maybe you just can't handle a phone like that. Anyways, heres to all you listeners.... CHOCOLATES RULE!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

23. Caty unregistered

in romania doesn't work?

24. Kat unregistered

I got my daughter this phone and it's been the worst phone she has ever had. The first one randomly called people at all hours and now that they have sent another one and she can't get her messages or calls! They are sending her a THIRD one. I hold no hope that it will work correctly either!

25. lauren unregistered

Me and my two other friends both got it too. We all hate it. Mine didnt chage my friends wouldnt turn on and my other friends battrey wouldnt stay in. Now were all on are seconand choclate phone. My friends shuts off when ever she colses it mine wont turn on and one day my other friend just openned her phone and it split in two. Oh and it doesnt send texts very good.

26. unregistered

I have had the same problems with my phone. The first phone I had was messed up where the battery is supposed to charge so it would never charge. They replaced it & I've had this phone about a month & after charging all night, it dies after 2hrs of being on & 10 min of talking time. I would not recommend this phone to anyone unless you're sure that you're getting one that can keep a charge.

27. seaturtle unregistered

i dont understand why everybody at verizon is so mean to everybody.its time for my.2 yr deal and i have been wanting a chocolate but it looks like it might be touble and i dont want to deal with the mean people. thanks for your reviews.

28. unregistered

My son has had a chocolate since August. He has had it replaced under warranty, fortunately, 2 times - January and Mary. Both times the dot had turned pink, not red, even though there had been no wetting event. It is very sensitive to humidity. Fortunately, the staff at our verizon store are progressive about the nature of this model. He can not, however, get a different model.

29. unregistered

I just got this phone and the screen when white. and it wont even turn off. I didn't touch it i was using it 2 min before and when i went to go picj up my phone again it was white.! I hate this phone

30. TiffanyStacey

Posts: 1; Member since: May 23, 2008

Hey yall i got a question. I want the strawberry chocolate phone but I have Alltel. There's no way i can get it, is there? My friend said something about i should get one that's unlocked or something, but i don't know anything about that. Can someone please help?

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