LG highlights V30's video capabilities in 6 original short films

LG highlights V30's video capabilities in 6 original short films

Released in the US earlier this month, the LG V30 is one of this year's top extra-large Android smartphones, up there with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8, or the Google Pixel 2 XL. One of the main features of the LG V30 is its dual rear camera - thanks to a Cine Video mode and high-quality components, this camera is quite good at shooting video.   


To illustrate what can be done with a V30, LG has partnered with six emerging filmmakers who used the smartphone to create short films. All the films were shot exclusively on the LG V30, being screened during the 55th edition of New York Film Festival.  


As you can see below, all six films are quite well made. Of course, while watching these movie shorts, it's often clear that they were not created using professional cameras - there's obvious lack of sharpness here and there, some jelly effect, visible noise in challenging light conditions, and so on. Still, the films look good enough, though we're certain that pretty similar results could have been achieved with devices like the iPhone 8 Plus, or the Samsung and Google phones mentioned at the beginning of this article.  

sources: YouTube, LG press release


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