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LG Shine will make its debut in the US in February?

After the Koreans have been enjoying it for a period of time, the replacement of the Chocolate is going to make its European (UK) debut on 7 February, with the expectation for the US release to follow shortly. The LG Shine is slider but with brushed aluminum look and display that conceals when inactive, turning into a mirror. What’s probably the best about it is that it’s not fingerprints-friendly, and unlike the Chocolate, KRZR, Pearl and other fashionable phones with glossy surface. We have rather messy feelings about the “new spinning scroll wheel” which replaces 5-way navigation keys /joysticks as main navigation type but will see how it handles when we get our hands on the phone.

The rumors say that the LG VX8700 for Verizon Wireless has the Shine-like finish but in clamshell design (like the VX8600 compares to the Chocolate VX8500). If this is true, it is highly possible that Verizon will exclusively offer the Shine phones in the States, just as it is with the Chocolate.

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