LG Revolution 2 visits the FCC?

LG Revolution 2 visits the FCC?
The LG VS920 has received thumbs up from the FCC. The device appears to be the LG Revolution 2, which strikes some as unusual since the original LG Revolution is only 3 months old. Still, the original Revolution is the LG VS910 so we would think that the VS920 would indicate that the phone is the sequel to the Revolution. Speculation centers on an October 20th launch date, thanks to the Verizon roadmap we reported on. It looks like the LG Revolution 2 will not only be LTE enabled like the original, it will also be a world phone with both CDMA and GSM radios aboard.

The LG Revolution 2 is expected to come to market with a 4.5 inch screen and a dual-core processor under the hood. The first-gen LG Revolution has a 4.3 inch display with resolution of 480 x 800 and a single core Qualcomm MSM8655 1GHz processor aboard. It might seem strange to offer up a sequel so soon after the release of the original model, but it is obvious that LG and Verizon don't see the LG Revolution in its current configuration as being able to compete with Big Red's upcoming models like the Motorola DROID BIONIC, the HTC Vigor and the Samsung Stratosphere which so far is just a high spec'd name on a leaked roadmap.

source: FCC via AndroidCentral

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