LG Optimus 3D for sale on eBay ahead of its release

LG Optimus 3D for sale on eBay ahead of its release
Even though it is still waiting to be officially released, the LG Optimus 3Dhas already made its way to eBay. At least four sellers are currently offering LG's upcoming 3D-enabled smartphone so far, and for those who are interested, bids are hovering between $530 and $830. However, if you want to have it now ahead of anyone else, prepare to drop a whopping $1400. In comparison, an online retailer in the UK that has the smartphone up for pre-order is asking around $830 for the Optimus 3D, but shipping is expected to start on June 6 the earliest.

So how did these sellers get their hands on the Optimus 3D in advance you may ask. Well, those white Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets were not the only gadgets that were given away on Google's I/O event. Selected developers were also treated to a unit of LG's 3D smartphone, but apparently, not all of them thought that the device would be of much use to them.

The US release date of the LG Optimus 3D is still to be announced, but until then, feel free to check out our hands-on and see if the smartphone suits you.

For more information on 3D technology, check out our featured article – 3D: How does it work.

source: eBay via Unwired View

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