LG considers announcing its next flagship phone at MWC next month

LG considers announcing its next flagship phone at MWC next month
The notch on the LG G8 will likely shrink down in size significantly from the one on the G7

While at CES there are enough companies showcasing their products to make your head spin, few of them are smartphones. With the mobile market more competitive than ever, companies often prefer to announce their major releases at separate events.

It seems that LG wants to make use of the crowds of tech enthusiasts and journalists that gather at expos instead, but we don’t mean those at the ongoing show in Las Vegas. Instead, LG is looking a bit further into the future, according to AndroidAuthority. The tech giant is eyeing the next big event on the calendar: the Mobile World Congress, scheduled to begin on February 25 in Barcelona, Spain.

This is when LG is currently planning to announce the LG G8 (the ThinQ tag will also be there we imagine), one of the two flagships LG usually releases each year (we expect to see a V50 at some point as well). The company’s track record in the smartphone world hasn’t been great lately, reduced market share and decreased revenue have been plaguing the mobile division of LG for a while now.

The silver lining, at least for us as consumers, is that LG now more than ever has to grab people’s attention with an awesome smartphone. Currently, there’s surprisingly little that’s known about the LG G8 despite it being close to release (assuming the information is true). Besides the rumors about it using Sound on Display technology (the phone’s display itself is creating the sound), we can safely assume that it will have the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform inside, anything else will be a bust for LG and as we’ve made it clear, that’s not an option right now.

That being said, until we have official news from LG, those plans are up in the air, so back to our usual state: waiting impatiently.

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