LG G3 to be introduced in late June, launched in July?

LG G3 to be introduced in late June, launched in July?

According to ZDNet Korea, LG is primingits upcoming Android flagship, the LG G3, for a late June revealfollowed by an early July launch. Previously, the other South Koreangiant was planning an August launch, but a senior company officialreportedly said that an August release is too late considering thecurrent market conditions - possibly referring to the earlier thanusual launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and rumors of Appleintroducing an unprecedented two high-end smartphones later in 2014.

In addition, Chinese competitor Oppohas beat both LG and Samsung in the race to launch a smartphone witha QHD display that's not limited to the Asian market. The extrahigh-resolution display is expected to be a critical selling pointfor the LG G3, which could explain why the company wants to releasethe smartphone ASAP, before the rest of the competition has caughtup.

Apart from its illustrious 5.5-inchscreen, the LG G3 is said to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801chipset, 3GB of RAM, and hardware optical image stabilization for itscamera. While waterproofing is uncertain, the handset is expected tofollow up on one of 2013's best smartphone designs. While the LG G2'sbuild quality wasn't to up Apple and HTC standards, the slim bezelsallowed for an exceptional screen-to-size ratio, and while moving thephysical buttons to the back wasn't of huge significance, it was aninteresting and original approach. Additionally, the LG G3 shouldintroduce a refreshed and flatter UI design. All of this adds up tohotly-anticipated smartphone.

source: ZDNETvia GFor Games

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