LG G2 gets Android 5.0.2 update in India

LG G2 users in India will be happy to hear that their handset is now able to be updated to Android 5.0.2. But the update is not coming OTA. Instead, Indian owners of the device have to snag the update from the LG PC Suite. The notification received by an LG G2 (D802) in the country reads "…installation requires a connection to the PC. Please connect to LG PC Suite to install the update." This means that those looking to update their LG G2 in India need to install the PC Suite software on their Windows powered PC.

The update weighs in at 750MB and the build is LRX22G. The software version is V30b-ESA-XX. To update your LG G2, go to the sourcelink and install the LG PC Suite on your Windows PC. Use a USB data cable to sync your LG G2 with the PC. Click on "Upgrade Check" and follow the directions. The process takes 15 to 20 minutes. Do not unplug your phone from the USB cable until the process has ended. Also, make sure that you have your battery charged to at least 75% of battery life; you also must have at least 4GB of free space on your phone before starting to download and install the update.

Android 5.0.2 brings the new Material Design, Lockscreen Notifications, Project Volta for improved battery life, and the 64-bit ART compiler that opens apps faster. It also adds the new Recent Apps page and allows the Quick Settings shade to be pulled down from any page. LG has its own changes too, such as a Privacy Keeper option that lets you hide all information pertaining to an incoming call. Bright mode has been added for the front-facing camera, allowing for brighter looking selfies. On the front camera, a new Gesture Mode sets off the shutter when you make a fist or show your palm to the camera. That makes taking selfies a little easier.

With the update, Guest Mode allows those sharing your LG G2 to change the wallpaper when they are using it, and hide or show notification and recent apps. Voice Mate does a better job detecting voices. And your average AnTuTu score should rise from the 33,000 scored using KitKat to about 39,000. Remember that the LG G2 is now two generations old!

Thanks for the tip!

source: LG, Digipassion.com

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1. tedkurd unregistered


2. bendgate unregistered

in your brain. Oh wait, you don't have one.

3. tedkurd unregistered

The lag is real. We all know its there. I hate Apple because they have amazing products that don't lag for years after a release. Im jealous. Why does a company with the biggest market share in the world have to have their products lag? Even flagships like the S6 and G4 lag for days. I hate Apple.

4. Piotrek007

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Butthurt much... Stop bitching about flagships ! You probably never owned one and you are first to talk... Troll -.-

5. singhkaran9830 unregistered

Anything else to say?

6. tedkurd unregistered

Sorry, was trying to type this for hours..the lag on my phone kept me from doing so. Atrocious.

8. Ordinary

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You have iphone jakelee dont lie lol you are just making yourself more moronic than you are

9. tedkurd unregistered

Why would I want a phone that is so good and amazing over my crappy Android device? I mean yea, the cheap plastic and terrible lag is nice, but whats so good about Apple?

10. Tomfromsouth

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Cheap like your comments and your intellect.

12. vergil9

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Hi BobbyBuster, how far did they shove that Android phone in your @**?

11. joey_sfb

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Probably an iPhone 2G if tedkurd need hours to post a single comment.

14. waddup121 unregistered

Good to hear.

7. ecdumb

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if my memory serves me right, my phone got updated more than a month ago. it was via pc suite - i'm from the philippines

15. fatexo

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Mine too.. I updated it via the PC suite last month I remember

13. Rigbaby

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South Africa still doesn't have it and probably never will

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