LEGO Mindstorm robot controlled via Windows Mobile phone

LEGO Mindstorm robot controlled via Windows Mobile phone
It's not the first time we've seen a mobile phone take control of a robot before as we've seen the iPhone control a mini missile launcher and how the T-Mobile G1 was used to be the brains of the ever growing Truckbot. This time around we see a Windows Mobile phone, presumably the HTC Tilt, controlling a LEGO Mindstorm NXT race car as it meticulously traverses through a path littered with obstructions. You can visibly see how the user is able to maneuver the vehicle from the handset so easily without much effort required. The Windows Mobile smartphone is connected to it via Bluetooth which allows for the wireless connection, but one is left to wonder what else can be achieved by all of this. Sure it's nice being able to control a mini race car for now, but we can't help imagine how that could be transformed to something else on a much larger scale. It's mini race cars now, but potentially it can control even full sized models all from the comforts of a mobile phone some time down the road.

via WMPoweruser


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