Georgia Tech students use an iPhone to control a rocket launcher

Georgia Tech students use an iPhone to control a rocket launcher
College students come up with the cleverest and ingenious devices to conjure up for various projects lined up by their professors. In particular, students at Georgia Tech devised a rocket launcher which is controlled by an iPhone. From the video, you can see how it’s able to rotate around its base and ultimately launch rockets from a safe distance with the aid of an iPhone. It’s definitely one neat project to tackle – especially when Apple’s one of a kind smartphone is somehow thrown into the mix. We’d gather that over time they’ll be able to improve upon some of its foundations and really make it a spectacular project. If they can throw on some kind of automatic reloader and use fireworks instead, then they may have themselves a contraption that can really light up the night sky. Let’s hope they receive a well deserved grade for all their hard work – we’d guess its more leisure than anything else.

via Cell Phone Digest


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