G1 used to act as the brain and navigation for the "TruckBot"

G1 used to act as the brain and navigation for the
There have been projects that involved using a mobile phone to control a robot, but there have been little that makes the phone act as the brains of everything. Android's name can only hint to the marriage between technology and robots, but these two things clearly inspired the “TruckBot” – a robot that is controlled by a phone as opposed to using an Android phone as a remote. When you root out the foundations of artificial intelligence, you can seemingly comprehend how a T-Mobile G1's built-in compass can be used to help the TruckBot to roll around on tabletops in a specified direction. Although it's constructed out of the most inexpensive parts, roughly $30 worth of materials, it only acts as a hub for the G1 that works as the brains for the entire thing. Granted it's limited in some aspects in the short term, it'll probably be fine tuned to enable more advance functions such as being able to avoid obstacles and recognize both faces and voices. You never know, as we've seen with the Spirit and Opportunity Mars robots, the G1 powered TruckBot can lay the foundations to something more spectacular.

T-Mobile G1 Specifications | Review

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