Kyocera Echo benchmarked

Kyocera Echo benchmarked
Kyocera Echo prides itself for being one of the innovative phones on Sprint, thanks to its dual-display arrangement, and rightfully so. It might not be the sexiest phone out there, but having two 3.5” screens at your disposal comes at a price.

Dual-display doesn't mean it's dual-core, though. The Kyocera Echo is powered by a 1GHz QSD8650 Snapdragon chipset, the same one that is in the HTC EVO 4G, which is getting a bit tired, compared to the dual-core silicon of late. It is precisely this arrangement we wanted to test, since it seemed perfectly adequate to light up two mid-sized screens at once, despite its age.

We did a quick Quadrant test on the Kyocera Echo, and the 810 score we got was below the 900+ ones of the stock Samsung Galaxy S, for example, but about the norm for a first-gen Snapdragon chipset, so the only thing we are worried about now is the battery life in everyday usage. We'll know pretty soon, it is supposed to launch April 17th on Sprint for $199.99.

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