Kogan Agora back in the news

Kogan Agora back in the news
So the original Agora and Agora Pro never left the shipping dock. And we heard that Google put the kibosh on the device, saying that the screen was not up to snuff and the resolution wouldn't be able to do justice to all of the Android's apps. It has been a few weeks since we heard from Ruslan Kogan, which is unusual for a promoter. But he has gone back to the drawing board, according to Gizmodo Australia, and wants to cut the physical QWERTY from the original model and replace it with the virtual one from the Cupcake upgrade. He also wants to take that extra real estate left over from excising the physical keyboard and replace it with a bigger 3.8 inch screen. While the Agora will no longer be the second Android handset to hit the market, Kogan says that the Agora will still run Google's open source OS. And apparently, it shouldn't be too long before the revised devices make it to the shipping dock again, and perhaps this time, actually get shipped. Meanwhile, we have a picture of the original model to refresh your memory.

source: Gizmodo

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