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Jury awards Apple $290 million in damages re-trial

Jury awards Apple $290 million in damages re-trial
A jury in Federal Court has awarded Apple $290 million from Samsung following a trial held to determine how much Apple should receive after Samsung infringed on several of Apple's patents. Apple was seeking $380 million and Samsung was requesting that it pay $52 million. The original damage award of $1.05 billion was vacated by Judge Koh and lowered by $450 million after the jury miscalculated the damages awarded on some devices. Several Samsung devices, which the original jury found to have infringed on multiple patents, received only one damage award, causing the re-trial.

The re-trial covered 14 devices including the Samsung Galaxy Prevail, Samsung Gem, Samsung Indulge, Samsung Infuse 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Continuum, Samsung Droid Charge, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Exhibit 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus S 4G, Samsung Replenish, and Samsung Transform. In addition, on Monday, the U.S. Federal Circuit of Appeals in Washington, D.C. ordered Judge Koh to consider a sales ban in the U.S. for some of the products found to have infringed on Apple's patents.

The fun and festivities aren't done. In March, a whole new patent trial between Apple and Samsung will begin with a new crop of more recent Samsung devices involved. Judge Lucy Koh will once again be presiding over the trial.

source: USAToday
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