Juniper: 120 million phablets to ship in 2018

Juniper: 120 million phablets to ship in 2018
Okay, how many out there still think that phablets are a fad? You can put your hands down. Juniper Research, a well-respected firm, says that 120 million units will ship in 2018. Yes, that number means nothing in a vacuum, so we will put some context to it. Last year approximately 20 million phablets were shipped, so Juniper is obviously expecting huge growth in the category.

Juniper expects much of the growth in phablet demand to come from gamers and surfers in East Asia and in China. Demand will be found at both the high and low end of the market. The researcher expects the battle for the phablet market to include Android and Windows Phone models. There is also the possibility that Apple goes ahead and releases a rumored 5.7 inch phablet-sized version of the iPhone.

Consider that just a few short years ago, the HTC HD2 and its 4.3 inch screen was considered to be gigantic by the standards of the day. Now, 4.3 inches pales compared to the 6.4 inch screen on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

source: BGR

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