Jimmy Kimmel's iPhone 5 makes us more disappointed in the iPhone 4S

Jimmy Kimmel's iPhone 5 makes us more disappointed in the iPhone 4S
We know that many of you are pretty disappointed in the reveal of the iPhone 4S, just as investors were. It certainly wasn't magical, or even all that innovative. And, it definitely wasn't the best way to begin the post-Jobs era at Apple. Many of our notions have been shattered, most notably that Apple tends to release more matured products. While iOS 5 notifications are more matured than Android, the voice commands seem to be about the same, if not a bit behind as Siri supports fewer than the 6 languages available with Google's Voice Actions. 

Even though we only got the iPhone 4S today, last night, Jimmy Kimmel showed off the iPhone 5, and we must say, Jimmy's iPhone 5 makes the 4S look like even more of a let down. Of course, it can also be the official start to the iPhone 5 rumor mill (you know you're super excited about starting iPhone 5 rumors right this very second.) So, you heard it here first: the iPhone 5 will have a real-life lightsaber built in and more amazing features. 

And now, back to non-Apple news (read: Nexus Prime rumors until next Tuesday, when we can finally put that to bed as well)!

source: Mashable

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