It looks like iPhone 7 units on Verizon are experiencing LTE connection problems

It looks like iPhone 7 units on Verizon are experiencing LTE connection problems
Verizon users have recently took to Twitter, Reddit, and even Apple’s own discussion boards to report the fact that their brand new iPhone 7 units are facing LTE and GPS connection problems. 

According to multiple reports, iPhone 7 units running on Big Red’s network randomly drop LTE signal and fall back to 3G. Another portion of users claims that their phones are constantly losing GPS signal. 

While of those affected found that toggling the Airplane Mode on and off solves the issue, others claim that they're forced to perform a full restart to hop back on LTE. 

Here are some of the more representative Apple discussion board posts regarding the issue:

Following these reports, a report from Gizmodo highlighted that the problem might be connected to the Voice Over LTE technology. Heading on over to Settings > Cellular> Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE, and then selecting Data Only seems to solve the LTE issues for some people. Unfortunately, this means that users lose the ability to use data during a call. 

Hopefully, a fix is already on its way. Given the widespread frequency of similar reports, Apple and Verizon should both be aware of this issue by now.

The first two weeks following the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 series have been pretty quiet when it comes to bugs and issues. As it turns out, however, negative reports are now starting to trickle in, revealing that the iPhone 7 isn’t buttery smooth without exception. Earlier today, we told you that some users are reporting Activation Lock issues on their brand new iPhone 7 units

Has any of you guys been experiencing Verizon LTE connection problems on their iPhone 7 units? If so, make sure that you drop us a comment and detail your experience!


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