Is there a place for a tablet in the life of a smartphone user?

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We all love our smartphones and tablets, there's little doubt about that. There's just something about that personal touch interface that makes using them feel so good. To top things off, the sheer amount of stuff you can do with these gadgets is downright amazing and makes us love them even more. However, there's this question that keeps popping up inside our heads: "Is there a place for a tablet in the life of a smartphone user?"

Now, we know what you're thinking - "Those nerds at PhoneArena must have gone mad!" but we're telling you, guys - we haven't. Think about it - imagine the lifestyle of millions and millions of people around the world who go to their workplaces, where they work on computers or do some other activity, then come back home and watch TV or do something on their personal computers. Now imagine that these people all have capable smartphones, ready to load any website or app they want. Where does the tablet fit in the whole picture?

Whatever your tablet can do, your smartphone can do as well. Sure, it's way more comfortable to use a tablet than a smartphone for some things, but are the benefits big enough to make up for the need to carry a second device? Because, you surely aren't leaving your smartphone at home. Not to mention that men cannot just put the tablet inside their bags and forget about it, because, well, men rarely wear bags. If you're a woman, sure, you just put it in your bag and you can have a tablet everywhere you go, but it's not so simple for those of us who love watching sports and drinking beer with friends.

And let's say that you've found a way to carry your tablet comfortably. How much of a reason you have to take it out instead of your smartphone when out and about, especially if it's a Wi-Fi-only tablet? Sure, you can always set up a personal hotspot, buy why go trough all that, when you can just take a look at your smartphone? Keep in mind that the main use cases for tablets include access to news, weather, email and social services. You can easily do all of that with your smartphone and without much loss of comfort at that.

We're far from thinking that there isn't place for tablets as a whole. Quite the contrary, for a person who travels frequently, a tablet might be the ultimate mobile computing solution. The compact size and light weight easily make the tablet the preferred device when one has to carry a ton of other things with them. The question that bothers us is different: How much benefit do you see in having both a smartphone and a tablet, if you aren't traveling much? Most of us already have desktop computers or even notebooks. Do you think purchasing yet another device is justified if one can already do whatever they want to do on their smartphone or computer?

The answer is certainly not simple at all, and depends on a lot of factors, but let us hear what you think! How have you integrated the tablet in your daily grind? What do you use your tablets for?

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