Is a phone's lack of 4G support a dealbreaker for you? (poll results)

Is a phone's lack of 4G support a dealbreaker for you? (poll results)
The wireless carriers are constantly reminding us about their 4G wireless networks and how much better they are from the aging third-gen technologies, but some might argue that 3G is still not outdated enough to leave the scene. After all, 3G can still provide enough speed for most tasks that you would use a smartphone for, and 4G adoption might be considered to be ahead of its time. That is why we wanted to hear your opinion and find out how important 4G support would be when you purchase that shiny new smartphone that you have had your eyes on for a while now.

Well, all the votes are in and it turns out that 46% of our readers are not too crazy about 4G now, but will be looking for an upgrade in the future. In second place, 32.47% of you are saying that 3G is still fast enough for pretty much everything that they do on a handset, and only 21.53% have a real need for the boost in wireless broadband speed right now.

Is a phone's lack of 4G support a dealbreaker for you?

Yes – A phone without 4G support is practically obsolete, and the boost in Internet speed is very important to me.
No - 3G can still provide sufficient bandwidth for everything that I use my smartphone for, and it doesn't really matter whether my phone supports 4G or not.
It is not now, but it will be soon – As soon as the 4G networks become reliable and widespread, I will be definitely looking for a 4G phone.


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