Is Motorola working on its own mobile operating system?

Is Motorola working on its own mobile operating system?
When a big name in the mobile industry like Motorola starts getting together a ton of experienced software developers and puts them to work, it becomes pretty evident that something major may be coming down the road. Reportedly, nine months ago Motorola Mobility began hiring skilled software engineers, some of which former Adobe or Apple employees, in order to set off the development of a web-centric operating system for future Motorola mobile devices.

When Motorola was asked about further details regarding the supposed project, a company spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such development, but made it clear that  Motorola shall remain committed to Android as its mobile platform of choice. On the other hand, it is rumored that Motorola may be already drawing the blueprints for an Android alternative in order to differentiate its products from the competition.

For now it is a bit too early to tell how devoted Motorola really is to the idea of building an operating system of its own. However, such a platform will need some serious work if it is going to compete against the well-established giants, which Android and iOS have become.

source: InformationWeek via FierceMobileContent

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