Iron Maiden's Legacy of the Beast mobile RPG coming to iOS and Android this summer

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden is getting its own mobile RPG. Intuitively called Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, the role-playing game will adopt the free-to-play model when it becomes available on iOS and Android later this summer.

In Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, you'll play the role of the band's iconic mascot. Named Eddie, but often referred to as Eddie the Head, the mascot makes an interesting choice as a lead character in a mobile RPG.

On the official website of the game, which is also where you can sign up to receive news on further developments, the plot of the game is summarized in a few short sentences. Apparently, Eddie's soul was shattered by a "mysterious force". Throughout the game, the undead mascot will have to recover his soul fragments by traveling through both space and time. 

As you'd expect from an Iron Maiden game, tracks from the band itself, including some previously unheard live recordings, will be mixed into the soundtrack. Furthermore, the surreal scenery depicted in the band's album art will serve as inspiration for the game's locations and overall visual style. 

Interestingly, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast will not be the band's first gaming experience. Back in 1999, Iron Maiden's Ed Hunter physical album also included a first-person shooter PC game with the same title. Just like this new mobile game promises to deliver, the levels in Ed Hunter were based on the cover art featured in Iron Maiden albums.

We'll keep an eye out for more info on what's shaping up to be a must-have mobile game for Iron Maiden fans and we'll get back to you as soon as there's something new to report.


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