Intel to offer tools for easy porting of iPhone or Android apps to its hardware

Intel to offer tools for easy porting of iPhone or Android apps to its hardware
Intel is missing out on the developments in the mobile phone industry big time. Its mobile Atom line still has to be seen in a smartphone or tablet for the general public, while ARM-based chipsets have taken over the burgeoning industry.

There is no doubt that the chipset manufacturer is pretty annoyed to see these little devices turning into the main computing units for many people, who would otherwise have to use Intel's hardware, found in laptops and desktop machines. To remedy the situation until the dual-core Atom family finds its way into tablets and smartphones, Intel is working on a tool that will allow applications developed for ARM chipsets, to be ported for Intel gear with maximum ease.

Theoretically, this could allow all applications written for the Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market, to be transformed into software for Intel's Atom-based gizmos. Whether or not this strategy will prove successful, is anyone's guess, but at least Intel is doing something to entice developers. The company already has an AppUp Center for Intel-based netbooks that will also double as a store for MeeGo and Windows down the road. Intel's goal is to have a look at existing apps, try to port the relevant ones over, and have them on the AppUp Center for the end users.

source: PCWorld


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