Intel takes a look at 5nm chips, already in the foreseeable future

Intel takes a look at 5nm chips, already in the foreseeable future
If you look at the mobile industry, ARM designs and chips dominate the scenery with 28nm being the keyword for this year with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 leading the pack, but looking on the other side of things, there is Intel which is already a generation ahead of most mobile chip manufacturers with its 22nm Ivy Bridge lineup, but what’s interesting is that it wants to break further ahead and has already 5nm silicon in its plans.

A leaked slide of Intel’s plans details how the company wants to switch to 13nm manufacturing as soon as next year, and continue to increase the transistor density with 10nm and less projected for 2015 and later.

"Our research and development is quite deep, I talk about ten years," said Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel.

The jaw dropping statement came later, though, when Otellini expressed confidence that Intel is going as planned with 7nm and 5nm research and development, so this means that the company could be on the right track of overcoming the hypothetical barrier around 9nm.

Check out the slides below to see just how much of an exciting future is ahead of us. Moreover, Intel is the only company that takes care of manufacturing itself in its US facilities like these in Arizona, Oregon and Ireland. The company is expanding its manufacturing to match growing demand.

source: XbitLabs via Engadget


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