Intel lays the base for 14nm chips in 2014, "to light a fire under" Apple and Samsung

Intel lays the base for 14nm chips in 2014, "to light a fire under" Apple and Samsung
If you’re a total geek like us the symbolic promise of 14nm chips in 2014 should not only get you excited but jumping of joy. If a roadmap is a base, Intel has a solid one, and if we add the chip maker’s swagger in its ambitions to “light a fire under” Apple, Samsung and LG, things start to look more than interesting.

Intel’s roadmap shows the company is planning to jump to 22nm manufacturing for its chips in 2013, and down to 14nm in 2014, an aggressive plan that goes faster than Moore’s law predicts. The law basically says that you can fit twice as much transistors on a die each year.

Having a 14nm chip in 2014 would put Intel close to reaching the theoretical limit of silicon around 9nm to 11nm. The company however has earlier mentioned that it expects to have the technology to jump to 8nm chips in 2015.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini also confirmed that the chip maker has enough factories for both PC and non-PC silicon. Intel has also unveiled details about its upcoming chips including the Atom Z2460 which we expect to land on devices soon.

source: Intel

Images courtesy of TheVerge.


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