Instagram's Cinema stabilization tested against pro software... and wins

Instagram's Cinema stabilization tested against pro software... and wins
Just in case you weren't annoyed enough that Instagram's new Cinema stabilization software for video was available only on iOS and not Android, the crew over at TechNewsDaily decided to put the software to the test and see how Cinema fared against Vine, as well as professional video software. And, Instagram actually won.

The test was done fairly informally, but in the video below, you can see the difference that was found was quite obvious. The video compares Vine, Instagram without stabilization (aka what Android users will get), Instagram with Cinema stabilization (aka what iOS users get), and the same video after being processed in Adobe Premiere. 

In this test at least, Cinema was clearly better. And, even more impressive is that Adobe Premiere took about 1 minute to process the 15 second video, while Cinema processes your video in real time, and can be turned on or off as you are recording. By default it is turned on.

Words cannot express how much we want to see this feature extended to Android.


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