Instagram could soon launch an e-commerce app called IG Shopping

Instagram could soon launch an e-commerce app called IG Shopping
Earlier this year, Instagram expanded into YouTube’s territory by introducing IGTV, a feature which is available through both the standalone app and the regular Instagram one that allows users to upload vertical content of up to 1 hour in length. But just months on from the announcement, it appears the Facebook-owned company is already working on its next big thing.

For quite some time now, Instagram has dabbled in the e-commerce market by allowing business users to tag certain items in their posts. This would then let regulars users purchase tagged items directly from within the app, without needing exit Instagram. Now, though, it seems the social network will be taking this feature one step further by introducing yet another standalone app, possibly called IG Shopping. As the name suggests, it will allow regular Instagram users to browse products sold by the accounts they follow and immediately purchase them from within the new app. Also, much like with IGTV, Instagram’s new shopping service will presumably recommend items and other merchants based on which accounts are followed by users and which purchases they make.

Presently, it’s unclear when the new feature will be made available. However, it’s worth pointing out that it is still very much under development. Because of this, the feature could potentially be canceled before it sees the light of day. Considering Instagram’s constant expansions, though, this seems unlikely.

source: The Verge


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