Instagram rolls out 1080px photos on both iPhones and Android

Instagram rolls out 1080px photos on both iPhones and Android
Instagram announced today that it has started gradually rolling out support for 1080 x 1080 px photos on both Android and iOS.

Previously, Instagram pictures were limited to 640 x 640 photos, a resolution that had been maintained since the service launched back in 2010. Although Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion, it looks like the social media giant was satisfied with 640px photos for three more years.

Back when Instagram launched in 2010, 640 by 640 pixels was an acceptable size for photos that would eventually end up on an iPhone, since Instagram was an iOS-only app at first. As the years have passed and smartphones evolved towards large display sizes, much more detailed resolutions, as well as high-resolution cameras, the size limitation was often criticised by tech bloggers and regular users alike. 

The update will roll out gradually, so don't worry if your device is still showing 640px photos. On the web, Instagram is still showing 640px photos, although that could also change in the upcoming days. 

What do you guys think of Instagram's new photo resolution? Will it translate into a more beautiful Instagram feed, or will the only observable effect be more data bandwidth being used up?

source: TheVerge



1. waddup121 unregistered


6. akki20892

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is iphone had hd uploading support earlier.

2. Bm888

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The photos I upload on IG end up with resolution which I took the pics with or the one that ends up from editing . I always leave the settings "Save photo/video" after upload and am able to tell the resolution. eg some end up having 2560×2560; 1280×1280; 720×720. ^note 4 user •Bm ™

8. Lauticol

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The full photo is saved, but the one that is uploaded has a much lower resolution.

3. Techielover

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4. ThePython

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That explains the recent update.

5. joevsyou

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about dang time

7. amats69

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9. Krjal

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Oh good, Instagram has moved into the 2000s. Wake me when they get to the 2010s.

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