Instagram now lets you lock down your Posts and Reels for close friends only

Instagram now lets you lock down your Posts and Reels for close friends only
When navigating the Instagram landscape, the ability to share Stories and Notes exclusively with close friends has been a perk for a while. However, Instagram has upped its game by testing stories with multiple audience lists. Now, in other news—Instagram's latest feature allows you to take it a step further by restricting your posts solely to your inner circle.

The Close Friends feature is expanding its territory, now including feed Posts and Reels. This enhancement allows users to share more intimate content with a smaller, more trusted audience, fostering a sense of privacy and connection.

To take advantage of this feature, simply tap the Audience button while crafting your post, choose Close Friends, and hit Share. If you haven’t already created a Close Friends list, follow these quick steps:

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to head to your profile.
  • Hit the top right, then go to Close Friends.
  • Select "add" next to those you want on your list, or use Search.
  • For removal, tap "remove" next to their name.
  • Save changes by tapping Done at the bottom.

Just so you know, no notifications go out when you tweak your list. Posts or Reels shared with Close Friends will have a green star icon, so your friends and you, for that matter, will know when you are part of a Close Friends list. Oh, and it is worth noting that no one can request to be added to your Close Friends list.

Bid farewell to the days of sharing your every post with the entire follower list. Now, your Instagram feed has the potential to transform into a haven of posts from a more tightly-knit community, as users can reciprocate this gesture.

Previously, Instagram kept it binary—public or private, no in-between. This shift is noteworthy, especially considering that Facebook has long allowed users to tailor post visibility to specific groups on their friends list, be it close friends, acquaintances, or those you'd rather keep your posts away from.

In the ever-evolving Instagram universe, Meta, the parent company, has been on a roll, providing creators with more ways to monetize their content. Beyond this, the app keeps rolling out frequent updates, such as the recent ability to add song lyrics to Reels, ensuring its massive user base of over 1.2 billion stays engaged and satisfied.

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