Instagram may finally let us add links to posts, but there's a catch

Instagram may finally let us add links to posts, but there's a catch
A notable user limitation of Instagram over other social media sites has been that links to internet pages are not allowed to be added in post captions. Most users get around this limitation by leaving a caption in the likes of "Link in bio" and simply placing the link in their profile's Bio section.

Of course, this is nowhere near as efficient, since other users need to go out of their way to open a profile and find the link, not to mention that it's quite a chore having to update a profile's Bio section constantly, if you're running a business, for example.

This limitation has it's obvious benefits, such as keeping Instagram posts with somewhat cleaner captions and keeping the user on the platform, but it's also likely an effort to nudge businesses towards using paid Instagram advertising.

The limitation in question may be on its way to change, though. According to a patent (via Protocol) filed by Instagram owner Facebook on September 8, Instagram may be considering finally allowing its users to post links in captions. What's the catch? Apparently, each time we wish to post a photo with a caption that contains a link, we'll have to pay a fee. In the example given in the patent, the fee is $2 per post.

Whether or not this price would be worth it for most users is left for them to decide, but at least having the option would be better than nothing. Right now, even verified users and those with large followings can only attach links to their Instagram Stories. Other users can't even do that, and often rely solely on the previously-mentioned "Link in bio" scheme. If Facebook decides to implement this paid feature into Instagram soon, it would likely change how businesses operate on the platform, but we're yet to see if, and when, it may happen.

Earlier this month, we also found out that Instagram is testing three new layouts with Reels and Shopping tabs, which suggests that parent company Facebook is seriously looking into making some changes within the photo-oriented social network.

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