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Instagram for Windows Phone Twitter account goes live, real? We say no

Instagram for Windows Phone Twitter account goes live, real? We say no
@InstagramWP has managed to spin up a little over 1,500 followers in its first 12-plus hours or so in existence. The guys at Nokiapoweruser spotted it when the official Nokia Twitter account was the account’s first follower. As of this writing, that is no longer the case.

So is it real or is it keeping-it-real-fake? Obviously if it is the real deal then that could only mean that an official Instagram for Windows Phone app is on the way very soon.

Of course, if it is fake then we have a hearty band of jokers or a lone actor looking for their 15 minutes of fame. The account’s only tweet, “Good things come to those who wait! :),” obviously gets the enthusiasts excited. However, in no time, folks responded with calls out that it was all a farce and understandably so.

What is our take on this? If we end up being wrong, we will take the heat, but we are going to call this fake all the way and we have several reasons to draw that conclusion (though we are going to follow the feed just in case).

First, Instagram has only one official Twitter feed for the company, @instagram, which presumably channels user attention from both the iOS and Android versions of the app. Second, Instagram’s official Twitter feed directs users to its blog, not its main web page like it does on this purported Windows Phone account. Third, the name of the account does not follow the branding that Microsoft pursues with Windows Phone. Everything about Windows Phone spells it out as “Windows Phone” not “WP,” so while the handle, @InstagramWP makes sense, the title of the account “Instagram for WP” does not.

Finally, Nokia went out of its way to announce the arrival of Hipstamatic to the Windows Phone platform, a nice achievement given that it is not even available on Android yet. Plus, that app has the ability to tie into Instagram anyway. We could squeeze out a few more reasons, such as the lack of a native Facebook application for Windows Phone, but think our point is made pretty succinctly. If we end up being wrong, we will beg forgiveness and rejoice with the rest of you Windows Phone fans. We just do not want you passing out from holding your breath.

source: @InstagramWP (Twitter) via Nokiapoweruser

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