New Instagram feature turns your Story into a sing-along

New Instagram feature turns your Story into a sing-along
Remember when Instagram was known for its photo filters? Back in the day, when Instagram added a new filter to the app, it was a newsworthy story. In 2016, the site added its Stories feature (copied from Snapchat) and last year Instagram had more than one billion monthly active users. Facebook bought Instagram for approximately $1 billion back in 2012, and daddy's deep pockets allow Instagram to continue developing new features.

For example, Instagram revealed today (via Slash Gear) that users can now automatically add song lyrics to a Story. To do this, they will have to add a music sticker to their story and search for a song. If lyrics are available for the song selected, the user will be able to choose from different fonts and designs for the words to the song. Members will also be able to edit which part of the song to play on their Stories. Once someone selects that Story to view, the lyrics will appear automatically. If someone taps on the lyrics, they will be able to hear the song continue playing and learn more about the artist who sings it. Before this feature was added, an Instagram user could add music to a Story, but if he wanted the lyrics to appear, they would have to be typed out by the member.

The new feature is available in all markets that support the use of Instagram's music stickers. To add the music sticker, after you create a photo or text for your Story, tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Then click on the Music sticker and select a song. If lyrics are available for that tune, you'll see them on the screen even while you preview your Story. If lyrics are not offered for the song you select, a notification saying this will appear at the top of the screen.

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